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We’re helping people and businesses empower themselves and strengthen their local communities.

Our Mission Is To Empower People To Thrive!

We’re a group of concerned community residents, organized to combat “food deserts” in south Dallas through training and education on the benefits of growing whole food, the selection of whole foods, the preparation of whole foods, and, the disadvantages (health ravages) of poor eating.

Our focus has evolved to encompass the greater needs of the community. Wealth building strategies that include taking ownership through adequate training and livable wages and much more!

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Our community fosters growth for individuals and cooperative businesses in many ways.

Why The Cooperative Approach?

The Co-op model is the most “human-centered” enterprise of all business models.  Humans controlling their own human capital where they run, own, and operate the business that serves them;  a stake in one’s own future – a livable wage – a legacy! 

Our non-profit’s aim is to identify, seed-fund and support each cooperative established under the auspices of DFP Community & Business Development Enterprise.

Our Members Gain The Advantage!

Our Projects:

Our projects objects facilitate asset ownership among low-income community members in undeserved areas, anchor jobs locally, prevent financial resources from “leaking out” of the area to ensure local economic stability and vitality.

Mobile Market Development

Phar Lodge Development

Mill City/Dolphin Heights Cooperatives

Whats New?

We stay hard at work to provide valuable opportunities and resources to the community.

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“The team at DFP is fabulous. They helped us learn how to launch our Co-Op. We have experienced much growth due to their progressive approach.”

George Anderson


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