Our Mission

We’re helping people and businesses empower themselves and strengthen their local communities.

A Mission To Empower!

As a group of concerned community residents, organized to combat “food deserts” in south Dallas through training and education on the benefits of growing whole food, the selection of whole foods, the preparation of whole foods, and, the disadvantages (health ravages) of poor eating. The utilization of transportable units to reach underserved areas in south Dallas to recruit disadvantaged minority residents, train and educate them so that they in-turn could do the same for their fellow residents. Additionally, the promotion of meaningful employment opportunities to facilitate community growth.

We Are Committed To Community:

Wealth Building

Our focus has evolved to encompass the greater needs of the community. Wealth building strategies that include taking ownership through adequate training and livable wages, along with accountable management/labor force that becomes the direct beneficiaries of sustained income streams through cooperation (co-op modeled businesses) within the community.

Our Vision

Our Vision is built on community wealth strategies to facilitate asset ownership among low-income community members in underserved areas, anchor jobs locally, prevent financial resources from “leaking out” of the area to ensure local economic stability and vitality.

Our Vision Includes:

  • Assistance to leverage a portion of the multibillion dollar annual business expenditures of anchor institutions into the surrounding neighborhoods.
  • Assist in establishing a robust network of cooperative businesses designed to service the anchor institutional needs.
  • Build on the growing momentum to create environmentally sustainable energy and green collar jobs.
  • Link our efforts to expanding sectors of the economy such as sustainable energy and healthcare, many of which receive large-scale public investment.

A Vision That Works

In this model community revitalization and stabilization are based on the creation of viable businesses owned by community residents who can generate profits that can be recycled within the community to begin building wealth.  Through seed funding assistance, we shall target start-ups, south Dallas-based employee-owned companies with a focus on underserved industries and neighborhoods, particularly in the greater south Dallas Fair Park area.

Social Goal Assistance:

  • Creation of new, living wage jobs for neighborhood residents.

  • Anchor capital within poor neighborhoods to jump-start more local economic activity.

  • Promote asset accumulation for low- and moderate-income residents.

Why the Cooperative approach?

The Co-op model is the most “human-centered” enterprise of all business models.  Humans controlling their own human capital where they run, own, and operate the business that serves them;  a stake in one’s own future – a livable wage – a legacy!   Our non-profit’s aim is to identify, seed-fund and support each cooperative established under the auspices of DFP Community & Business Development Enterprise.  See below for some of our proposed Co-Ops.

Planned Projects:

With enough support, this could be our future – We present the ‘PHAR Lodge’

If we build it, they will come! The below pictures are of Sawmill Lodge in Idaho. The below land area is similar to our available land (after clearing), and may be just a dream, however, if we do not have dreams, how do we thrive – move forward!

The ‘PHAR Lodge’

This 10-bedroom lodge is perfect for our mission objectives in training the trainers in a serene open environment, with no distractions where all one has to do is focus on their inner selves. The building is perfect and our ideal environment would also have a permaculture and agricultural garden setting, with a blend of fruit and nut trees, vegetation, herb gardens, horses for therapy and other small livestock – chickens.

We want the best environment to produce the very best outcomes for our future workforce and managers.

The Mobile Market/Training Venue

The mobile market concept grew out of the need to educate community residents about the benefits of a whole food diet!  How urban residents can grow, eat, and nutritiously prepare whole food.  

Along with understanding the impact cooperatives could have in the community, to include the need to reach our non-ambulatory Seniors by providing fresh whole food directly to them.  
As long as there exists the need to reach our seniors and/or educate our community, the mobile markets will be a sustained, permanent part of our cooperative efforts!

Mill City/Dolphin Heights Cooperatives

DFP Community & Business Development Enterprise shall assist in the start of a cooperative movement in the Mill City/Dolphin Heights area of south Dallas, Texas. The scale model represents a new model of large to medium size-scale worker- and community-benefiting enterprises (co-ops).

With this model, we plan to assist in building serious momentum in a decaying economy for low-income residents in collaboration with anchor institutions, community foundations, and local governments working together to build a new economy for south Dallas.

Get Involved!

Let’s Make Things Happen Together

“The team at DFP is fabulous. They helped us learn how to launch our Co-Op. We have experienced much growth due to their progressive approach.”

George Anderson


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